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In our study, there are 6 trials adopted blinding methods by using placebo, such as placebo the Karimi-Nazari et al. and Lian et al. trials used placebo to achieve satisfactory blinding effect. One of the main reasons for not using placebos in these trials may be the difficulty in preparing the placebos with the same color and taste as the CHM used in the experiment view group.

These ingredients are included in an effective formula, such as ancient classic prescriptions and Chinese patent medicines. As far as the applicability of the evidence is concerned, of the 22 clinical trials included, 20 were conducted in China, and this feature will be restricted to a wider population. These methodological limitations with high risk of bias may be potential or inherent in clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine.

Blind method is an important method to prevent the research results from being affected by placebo effect or observer bias . The ideal blind method should cover participants, care providers, outcome assessors, and statistical analysts . In this process, placebo plays an important role in blinding participants and nursing providers .

  • Data Science platform features vary considerably from one product to the next.
  • Available features also differ between features for bona fide data science platforms and machine learning tools which are really a subset of data science.
  • It must be emphasized that papers describing new software tools of relevance to SCP are welcome under the strict condition that the source code of the tools is open.
  • 3) The experimental track is open for expositions on implementations of and experiments with novel programming languages, systems and methods.
  • Moreover, the results should be reproducible and show general applicability.

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In short, researchers should pay attention to the quality of placebo in evaluating clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine. Distribution concealment is also an issue in clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine. Previous studies reported that 0.3% of the articles described how the distribution concealment was achieved . In this review, 3 of the 22 studies included described distribution concealment. For Chinese researchers, establishing a national clinical practice center in China is an option for independent data monitoring.

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Of the 22 trials, 15 trials clearly specified the randomization procedure ; only 3 studies described allocation concealment, and only 6 trials adopted blinding methods. It is difficult to draw a clear conclusion due to the differences among the ingredients of the Chinese medicine formulations included in the study. This difference should be considered, which may be a factor leading to the heterogeneity in the continuous outcome measures . Therefore, we should attach great importance to the quality of RCT research on CHM and encourage multicenter research to provide sufficient evidence and enhance its effectiveness. To achieve the consistency of the research conditions, we also encourage to use prescriptions including the same main ingredients to conduct the prediabetes research.

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